Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Accuracy and basketball

Lots of blog comments about Greg Cote's Miami Herald column that says Mark Cuban screamed at the referees and commissioner David Stern after the end of game 5 the night before last.

Now Cuban denies it in his blog. Cuban is also still annoyed that a Miami Herald story said he had a boat tied up next to the arena with a 'Go Mavs' sign. The story even gives the name of the yacht. Cuban doesn't own a boat, he says, and is ticked that the Herald hasn't corrected the online story. Says Cuban: My email is everywhere. If you want to know if i have a boat BEFORE you write that I do. Just ask.

Or, check the Vessel documentations database from the Coast Guard, or the boat registrations databases of the states (available easily in Nexis).

(Well, hmm. The story was a celebrity sighting story from the features section, and the info supposedly came from an AA Arena official...?)

Note, however, the story HAS been corrected (scroll to end), despite today's posting from Cuban. And, someone must have heard his comments beside 'a reporter's 'sources', because the NBA has fined Cuban $250,000.


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