Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Covering blogging in Jacksonville and elsewhere

Big to-do over a story in the Florida Times-Union about Jacksonville-area bloggers. As is usual with a story like this, the reporter wrote about the blogs he knew or was told about, and didn't know about a lot of others that have been around a lot longer.

Rogers Cadenhead, who's been blogging since 1998, lists many others.

Urban Jacksonville, which featured prominently in the story, is starting a Jacksonville blog list, and has called for a blog meeting.

It's hard for bloggers to get noticed, and it's hard for those trying to collect them to know which are local and which aren't. Many blogs don't say exactly where they're from. Statewide lists, like those for Rhode Island, Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina, leave many out and as blogs come and go they get outdated. (My list of Florida blogs was never complete; probably the best list of Miami-area blogs now is on Stuck on the Palmetto.)

Geographic coding on blogs is a great idea, and used by many, but some bloggers don't care whether or not they're identified by location.

In Asheville NC, BlogAsheville is a good example of a local site with a great local blogroll. They had a bloggers' party last weekend. I expect mostly only very local bloggers showed up, but they made a valiant effort to contact all local bloggers in western NC. There was a rumor a blog caravan was coming from the Triangle area of central NC. They gave out blog awards. Way to go.


  • STUCK... is a peculiar guy: he says he lives in PPines which is in Broward Cnty, but doesn't blog about his own locality; seems to focus much more on Miami, giving the impression he lives there. He doesn't list me even though I identify my area as 954-Broward clearly on my blog and live not far from him. Indeed, he refuses to list us gals altogether who are his nearest neighbors: Joy-Ann Reid, FL Cracker and me. Instead of a 'community' of bloggers, he and DPulp seem to be trying to divide and obscure other neighboring bloggers.

    Maybe we need an outside Threat like the 'Morality Police' in other countries to censor us in order to get more united ;-)

    By Blogger button, at 7:35 PM  

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