Friday, May 12, 2006

Using the archives for a newspaper blog:

News libraries seem to struggle these days with ideas about how they can have a presence on a newspaper website. There are some good examples out there of news researcher and librarian blogs; they're linked in the blogroll on the NewsLibLog.

But I've said before that Providence Journal online features editor Sheila Lennon, a library advocate herself, provides one of the best examples of how it should be done on her Subterranean Homepage Blues blog.

Today she uses the library archives to provide a really nice service for readers for Mothers' Day: she browses through the recipes to find a perfect collection of recommendations for Mothers' Day breakfast at home.

It's a simple project, but obviously took some time. Nice work.


  • Thanks, Liz! Recipes really lend themselves to repurposing. They are so easily searchable I've pulled them out several times -- for summer recipes (lobster, clam, chowder, etc.) -- and for Super Bowl, Thanksgiving, Christmas dinners, and Christmas cookies, too.

    You could probably assemble an entire cookbook of chocolate recipes from 20 years of Food sections. Pasta, too, here in Rhode Island.

    Another use of archives: We've had the same movie reviewer for a very long time, and sorted all his reviews by movie title, as a guide to older movies on TV, video and DVD. There are hundreds by now, and still growing.

    Thanks for noticing!

    By Anonymous Sheila Lennon, at 11:14 PM  

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