Monday, September 05, 2005

Weekend update: Hurricane Resources and Other things found this week:
I'm sure you've all seen most of these additional hurricane resources I gathered this week by now, but better late than never, for the record:

And, of course, I linked to lots of discussion, outrage, message and information sites all week on my Infomaniac blog on

The other links:

  • Elevations and Distances in the U.S. from USGS, has cities, states, highest, lowest points, circumferances and distance between longest points.
  • Farber gravestone collection has images of gravestone scupture on over 9000 old American memorials.
  • Office of Coast Survey has a great collection of historical maps and charts, including great Civil War maps. Also here, the database of wrecks and obstructions, lots more. (Thanks to Fletch at No Direction Home).
  • the Gospel of Slavery: someone has scanned an old book given to liberated slaves in the 1860s and posted it to Flickr.
  • Number of uninsured in the U.S. now exceeds population of 24 states and DC, new report from Families USA.
  • on gas prices. Says gas is still cheaper in relative terms than it was in 1980.
  • The most expensive states to insure a home; report from Forbes.
  • Fastest growing Yellow Pages headings: things like tattoos.
  • City Directory Archive: old directories being scanned and made searchable from cities around the country. None from Florida yet, though...
  • Reporters without Borders says More journalists killed in this war than in entire Vietnam war.
  • How St. Pete Times photogs got the Katrina photo of the day from Photo District Online.
  • History of Business Journalism, a new site from a UNC j-prof.

  • The Bush vacation 404 error from Madeleine Kane.


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