Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Where do you go for information these days?
I know many people now go to Wikipedia. Many die-hard librarians don't trust it. But just look at their Hurricane Katrina page. I think this is amazing.

I'm still posting lots more links to blogs and other sources with Katrina damage reports on my other blog.

(Added later:) Here's another great hurricane commentary, from Rachel Sauer at the Palm Beach Post: Storms are the Great Equalizer.
    History books will probably never mention the shingles, how they flap flap flap against the roof like castanets, then spiral away like dead leaves.

    Shingles aren't fitting emblems of the ceaseless struggle, of a central despair of human existence, of that most dreaded of themes for ninth-grade English papers: Man vs. Nature. History books favor the epic, the calamitous, the city-swallowing floods.

    Life, however, favors the shingles.

Ah, yes, how I remember those shingles...

And, noted again as I tried to copy and paste the address of this story: Be careful these days of results from a Google search. I found this story using the search on the Post's website, and the URL was a long one starting with I've seen references to this, I think on SearchEngineWatch and/or Searchblog, that it's all part of a new Google plan to keep records of what people are searching. For someone like me, it's an annoyance because I can't get a straight URL easily: right clicking on the link and using Firefox's 'copy link address' works fine, but if you wait for the page to load and click on the address bar, you get the Google garble. The same thing happens with a straight Google search on, too. Be warned.


  • you may want to check that Wikipedia Hurricane Katrina link. IT appears someone hacked it.

    By Anonymous Mr. C, at 10:11 AM  

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