Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Memeorandums:
For those of us who have enjoyed using Memeorandum to get a quick idea of what bloggers are saying about topics in the news, a welcome announcement: Memeorandum has gone thru beta testing of a new version and has released two new Memorandums: Memeorandum (politics) is the same service, but redesigned. There's lots more news on the page now. Now there's also Tech.Memeorandum, with same style, covering tech news.
One difference noted is that the related blog postings don't show quotes or a long list of links; but note if you hold cursor over links a plus sign appears; this leads to more links.

Creator Gabe Rivera also posts to a Memeorandum blog with this useful posting today, Why does Memeorandum exist?

(Via Scripting News.)


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