Saturday, June 26, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Via BRB publications: news that Choicepoint has purchased
"ChoicePoint, the leading provider of identification and verification
services, has acquired Investigation Technologies, LLC, which operates
Rapsheets Criminal Records, a provider of online criminal records
searches. Rapsheets' products complement ChoicePoint's National Criminal
File and advance the company's leadership position in the area of criminal
records retrieval."

It's just another example of the consolidation of public records databases, putting almost all of them in the hands of just three or so companies. Along with the continuing removal of access due to privacy restrictions, journalists now are finding less choices, along with loss of data we once used. Disturbing.
The links....
Reference :
  • RefWorld is a database of research documents from the UN High Commission on Refugee. Search by country and get a good collection of reports, stats, etc.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • African Digital Library
  • U.S.AID: Iraq get information on infrastructure/development in Iraq.
  • Washington Post puts administration torture memos online.
  • Database of skincare product safety from Environmental Working Group.
  • Olympic Games Resources: great collection from Librarians' Index to the Internet.
  • Lightning Injury research program at U. Ill.
  • Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields: amazing research on this site, which among many nationwide listings, has two separate listings of Miami-area airfields, including some amazing old photos of Dinner Key, several others.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Black members of the U.S. Congress, 1879-2004
  • Political State Report finds latest politics news, by state.
  • Congressional Research Reports archive now available at U.Md.'s Thurgood Marshall law library.
  • DocuTicker: a new resource from ReferenceShelf, lists extra news and releases.
  • a new site for getting conversion calculators (ounces to gallons, acres to sq. miles, etc....)
  • State of Missouri Coroner Inquest Database covers 1842 to 1932.
  • Forbes' Celebrity 100 for 2004.
  • First Amendment Library from Vanderbilt's First Amendment Center.
  • The Photographer's Right: a one-page sheet listing legal rights to photograph, from a law office.
  • Latest bankruptcy stats from American Bankruptcy Institute. Says personal bankruptcy filings have doubled in last decade.
    Public Records:
  • List of parties debarred for arms export control act violations
  • Newslookup is a new news search engine that lets you choose type of source and do other advanced searches.
  • BBC video archive is now online with thousands of videos for sale, including CBS News video.
    Statistics, Florida: no links this week

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Ronald Reagan's FOIA Legacy: column on LLRX law research site.
  • The U-Turn that saved the Gipper: fascinating column in the Guardian by Sidney Blumenthal says Reagan shed Iran-Contra and neocons and embraced Gorbachev.
  • The Water Barons award-winning investigative project from Center for Public Integrity and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.
  • Bill Moyers' NYU speech on poverty in America
  • On that Iraq-al Qaeda connection? Nevermind. In the Post.
  • AP Story on reaction to newspaper online registration in SF Chron.
  • Unfarenheit 9/11 on Moore, by Christopher Hitchins, in Slate.
  • has a database of magazine covers going back to 1850 or so.
  • NBA Blogs by players, coaches, actors, commentators. No one from Heat, though.


    • Liz,
      I found this record
      in searching the Mo.coroner's database.
      For those who don't know who William Lyons was,
      Mary Lou White

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