Friday, June 18, 2004

Things I linked to once before and am thinking about again:
Thinking about 9/11 in light of the commission report, I'm reminded of An Interesting Day, the incredibly researched analysis of President Bush's movements on that day, done for the Center for Cooperative Research.

Also, Jeff Jarvis pointed today to Gaping Void, the blog by marketer Hugh McLeod, who draws wonderful cartoons on the back of business cards. They're great. Jarvis encourages bloggers to buy Hugh's 'Blogcards', business cards for bloggers with cartoons included.

More research:
Speaking of incredible research, I'm fascinated by this: A to Z list of Massachusetts gay marriage applicants' occupations compiled by Boston Globe's Bill Dedman.

Also of interest:
  • When will old media grasp the revolution? in Wired.
  • History of the Internet from the FCC.

    More over the weekend, as the weekend update resumes. (And maybe some pictures too.)


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