Thursday, June 17, 2004

Blog discussion:
Media Savvy has concluded a series called "Why can't a newspaper be more like a blog?". See links to the series in right-hand column. This is an interesting discussion of how newspapers fear news aggregators, the lack of comments on news Web sites (although comments suggest a couple of places that do...or will), changing URLs, and community links. On this, he says:
The typical newspaper web site's home page is a roach motel: readers can enter, but they can't get out, unless they click on an ad. Some news stories may provide a few relevant links in a news story, but it feels like noblesse oblige.

It's why it seems so important to have at least one blog on a newspaper site (ahem!) that helps lead readers to places of interest. It's my contention that if you provide that to readers they will continue to come back looking for more. It seems a little late in the game to still be saying this, still needs to be said.


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