Thursday, May 20, 2004

Sparse posting:
I've been deep into training at work (it's new intern time! and we have other new hires, and I've started a long-threatened program to offer brushup training for whoever wants it). Along with that, I needed to update lots of instruction/directory pages on the Intranet. So sorry, but work has interfered with my blogging life.

I've been noticing that Blogspot sites are occasionally AWOL since the redesign; I can always make them reappear by hitting 'refresh' -- sometimes twice or more. If you've been having trouble with this site, just keep trying. Hit refresh. But of course if you can't see this, nevermind.

Note the NewsliBlog for/by news librarians and researchers has been updated with a new design. By changing the template, I finally got Comments to work there. Wonder if it's time for a design change on this blog?

Since I posted that I was trying out Gmail, I've gotten a couple emails from total strangers, asking me to invite them. Please don't take offense if I haven't responded to you. I just don't feel right about inviting people I don't know. Nothing personal.

Oh, and FYI, if you are looking for a Gmail account, you're not alone. E-Media Tidbits reports that "Gmail lust" is so common that people are selling accounts on EBay.

Library Envy:
Just take a look at The new Seattle Public Library. The Times has created a nice package with panoramic tours and a slide show. Wow!

Can't resist this:
OK, just one more thing. I haven't blogged this but have been following the 'Washingtonienne' blog scandal, in DC. See Wonkette for the sleazy "staff ass" details if you haven't read about this yet. The blog has been shut down (but Wonkette saved the archived posts so you can still read them), and now the domain name has been picked! What a slick trick!
(Via Political Wire.)


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