Thursday, May 13, 2004

Some fun things that can't wait for the weekend update:
Carole Leita has a blog: "InfoJones: This librarian's place to act out her addiction." (Leita is the retired founder of the respected Librarians' Index to the Internet.) (via Shifted Librarian.)

She recommends this: Google Guide, with good tips for searching Google.

What's making blognews? list of political stories or files most bloggers are linking to. (via J.D. Lasica.) environments: Need a break from the noise around you? This page generates ambient noise, from thunder to rain to bird songs to -- a typewriter.

Not fun:
I posted a link to this yesterday on the Herald blog, but should post it here too, in case you haven't seen it: Newsdesigner has great discussion and statistics on how papers used the Nick Berg photos, as well as a link to the discussion on the TestyCopyEditors forum.


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