Sunday, May 09, 2004

Weekend update: Other things I found last week:

The links....
Reference :
  • Famous Trials great background on trials from Calley to Simpson to Manson, and lots more. Pages have links to original source documents.
  • Drug Digest has a database of encyclopedic information on drugs, vitamins, and herbs and supplements.
  • Autoindex World Car Catalog: get contact information, links, news, model descriptions & photos for carmaking companies around the world.
  • Amphibian Species of the World
  • ReadPrint: nice collection of classic fulltext books online. Feature: lets you search within writings by an author; also has bios.
    Governments, Politics:
  • SPJ's Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions makes it browsable by topic.
  • The Geneva Convention
  • Alternative Resources on Haiti: great compilation from American Library Association. Also:
  • Alternative Resources on Iraq. And:
  • Discussion on the "independent" libraries of Cuba.
  • Access Middle East: real-time news, links, and directory for journalists.
  • Disney Family Feud: study of Disney campaign contributions from Capital Eye (Center for Responsive Politics)
  • The U.S. Election for the Rest of the World from in Australia: fascinating results to this online poll.
  • Agricultural Exporters database from USDA. (Choose 'online searchable database').
  • State of the Air, 2004: from American Lung Assn, get reports by county.
    Public Records:
  • New Florida courts/criminal records online: Hernando County offense reports and arrests; Indian River County inmates; Hardee County Arrest Log, Hardee County inmates; Marion County inmates; Martin County recent bookings; Okaloosa County courts (civil, criminal, traffic, marriage); Polk county inmates, warrants (new address); Putnam County inmates, warrants; Sarasota County arrests (no search); Suwannee County arrests; Volusia County inmates; Courts (civil, criminal, recording index, deeds)
  • New Marriage states: Accurint now offers marriage and divorce records for 4 states (Maine, Ohio, Nevada and Texas) and 16 counties in Florida. Cost is $1 unless you get no hits. This adds 2 new states to the 8 already on Nexis: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, Kentucky, Connecticut, Nevada, and Texas.
  • Using RSS for browsing: easier than using bookmarks. Story in OJR by JD Lasica.
    See Public Records.
    Business, Journalism, People, News: no links this week

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Friends of Saddam blog is tracking the UN Food for Iraq scandal which is getting lots of press worldwide.
  • Intel Dump: this blogger is a former MP and has lots to say/link to about the Abu Ghraib situation. (Main blog page.)
  • Abstract Appeal: a blog devoted to Florida Law. Has lots of info on the Terri Schiavo case.
  • The Defamer: a new gossip blog for L.A.
  • All New Orleans, All the time: nice photo blog.
  • How Kerry earned his decorations in Time.
  • Posters American Style: new Smithsonian exhibit.


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