Friday, April 23, 2004

Photo frenzy:
Most interesting news today seems to be the reaction to the various postings of military coffin photos from Iraq. I've linked to several things about it on the other blog. Today, the sudden revelation that many of the photos posted on Memory Hole from Dover AFB were of the Columbia astronaut remains. The Washington Post has a correction online, as I suppose many papers who ran them will. It's an understandable error, as Memory Hole's FOIA request was for 'all military remains from 2/1/2003 to present'. The Columbia remains returned soon after that date. Drudge, who made a huge deal of the photos yesterday (and ran many himself) now is in a tizzy about the 'error'. Meanwhile, Memory Hole is out of service, apparently due to an attack. There is a mirror. Links on the other blog.


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