Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Online award: blogger:
The Sigma Delta Chi awards, announced today, include work by a blogger who encouraged me to get started on this, Derek Willis:
  • Public Service in Online Journalism(Independent): ā€œSilent Partners: How political nonprofits work the system,ā€ Derek Willis & Aron Pilhofer of The Center for Public Integrity in Washington D.C. Brought attention to questionable tax-exempt organization activities.

Another winner i'm impressed by: the Hartford Courant's Rinker Buck. Haven't read his newspaper articles, but have enjoyed two of his books, especially the latest, First Job, about his time working at the Berkshire Eagle in the early '70s. Wonderful book.
Buck also won a Pulliam award for his story of the first marine killed in Iraq. I must read it.

Note the Toledo Blade team won this one, too. Impressive.
(via J.D. Lasica.)


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