Thursday, December 25, 2003

Lazy Christmas day:
...And a good day for a walk through some undeveloped areas, ' future park land' along Biscayne Bay in Coral Gables. Unfortunately, we found junk thrown everywhere along this about 2-mile path. Nice day anyway:

(They call this Florida Holly.) More photos...

Sometimes the 'just published blogs' list on the main Blogger page leads to some intriguing blogs. Today the one that caught my eye was "Wisdom of the Ages, or Three Whiney Old Women". Subtitle is "Madness or Genius, We aren't Sure". How could I pass that one by? Turns out to be entertaining, with Christmas doggerel and cute descriptions of the three women: a "potter extraordinaire, soon to be ex of one stupid man"; a "writer and reader of great things", and an "eternal idealist and optimist". I'll be looking back at this one.

Hope your day was enjoyable.


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