Sunday, December 21, 2003

A couple more fun finds:
From my list of things to check out, here's a wonderful new site called Food History News, Web site of a magazine by same name. There's a blog-type Editor's Notebook with fun links on food and food historians. I found there the Guardian obit on Alan Davidson, fascinating man who died a couple weeks ago of the flu. I've owned his Mediterranian Seafood cookbook for many years. And a link to Anson Mills, a place where I've heard they grind the best grits around. This is going on my list.
Also on this site: a page of food history resources.

And, via email, notice of a site called Diplomacy Monitor, from St. Thomas University here in Miami. Main page has current diplomacy news, but inside there's an archive of news categorized by topic/country, etc. This looks to be a very useful resource.


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