Sunday, December 21, 2003

Weekend update: The weekly reference collection/research gleanings:

My backyard birds have disappeared in the last 6 weeks or so. Have yours? I thought it was due to the loss of trees in my neighborhood, where several older houses are being replaced with much larger buildings, but then I found recent stories in the Orlando Sentinel and Providence Journal that report it's happening in lots of places, at least reduced numbers.....Project Feeder Watch keeps track.

New Iraq links:

The big news from Iraq found several new links to add to your Iraq list:

More useful links....

Reference :
  • Collection of "Best of 2003" lists.
  • International Religious Freedom report, 2003 from State Dept.
  • A roadmap to African American resources from Santa Fe Community College.
  • Kennedy and Castro: the secret tapes and documents from the National Security Archive.
  • history of theater around the world, and a script archive of plays or monologues in the public domain.
  • Dear Florida Hero: send a holiday message to a National Guard member.
  • Demographic profile, Miami-Dade County, 1960-2000 Census data from county planning department. More data, including Miami-Dade Facts, a 62-page compilation of stats.
  • Preliminary Uniform Crime Report, Jan-Jun 2003 from FBI.
  • Foreign-Born Population of the U.S., 2000 Census report.
  • Institute for the Study of Homelessness has lots of stats, reports.
  • Google Print is a new beta test search that searches fulltext of books. This link leads to FAQ page. Sample search. (I searched my name and found out there's been a character in a romance novel. Hmmm.)
  • JAlbum: highly recommended (by Scout Report) free photo album software: save albums on your hard drive or publish to the Web.
  • More software recommended by Scout Rept: WebAssistant lets you download Web pages to read or use when not online.
  • Cable Industry statistics from Natl Cable and Telecom. Assn.
  • Job Watch: Economic Policy Institute, tracking jobs and wages.
  • News Page Designer a place for designers to show off their work, info about design.
    Governments, Politics, Public Records, People, News, no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Coaches who prey: amazing series by Seattle Times.
  • Mention on UM law prof Michael Froomkin's blog: 100 interesting math calculations for kids. Fun for the holidays?
  • Philly Inquirer has a story on bloggers' reactions to Saddam capture.
  • Fla's Bill Nelson says he and other senators were told Iraqi missiles could hit U.S. in Florida Today.
  • OK, here's an environmental problem I never heard of before.
  • Scary story about a Nigerian scam from Guardian's Paula Toynbee.
  • Newsweek debunks the Telegraph story that said Atta was in Baghdad in summer of '01.
  • Tales of the Holy Cow: a fake 'priest' milks one of the Nigerian scammers...
  • Mistletunes: in case you can't remember all those old rock 'n' roll Christmas songs.
  • Radio Lovers: free old-time radio shows in MP3.
  • Modern Humorist: Best of the Web
  • Photo/poems: these are beautiful.
  • Pong story: how the whole video game thing got started.


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