Saturday, December 06, 2003

Getting a look at the snow:
If you're in the northeast right now, I guess you don't want to see anymore. But for us in Florida, the closest snowy place is usually the Southern Appalachians. I've found a few blogs -- and a couple cams -- that can give me an idea of what the weather's like up there. I really love good photo blogs, so these are welcome:
Smoky Mountain Journal photoblog; Blue Ridge Blog (By ‘a hillbilly photographer”, from Boone/Sugar Mountain area.; Fragments from Floyd (Virginia, one of my favorite places--only occasional photos here though); Mountain Photos from near Boone; and two Smoky Mountain National Park cams, Look Rock and Purchase Knob. (The two cams have shown nothing but gray the last couple of days; the former is closest of all these to our place.)

Sidebar: the "hillbilly photographer" at Blue Ridge Blog is also a journalist (wouldn't you know), and has some interesting comments in today's post on homogenization of the news and Poynter's influence. Food for thought. (note, slight clarification in her next post.....)


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