Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Keeping up:
Reaction to the FTAA protests in Miami is getting stronger: Miami's police coming under more and more scrutiny. I posted some links to the Herald blog.

I'm now getting access to scanned documents on Miami-Dade County's recording index. Need to subscribe for access (under Premier Search).

Blogging LA: Several Los Angeles-based bloggers are posting to this site, including Wil Wheaton, who announces a new book deal here. Will this be LA's Gawker? Couldn't every decent-sized city use this?

In an interesting public records inquiry, the Daily Business Review of South Florida finds the local circuit court is 'supersealing' some court files. Unfortunately, subscription required, but the story will be in Nexis. Tip from the DBR's Neil Reisner.

First Draft's Tim Porter reports on a story by the Brownsville Herald: reporters went as private citizens to request public records from local government agencies. There's a place to post comments at bottom of story, too.


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