Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Random links:
  • UNC is offering a Weblogs in Journalism seminar. The schedule and lists of speakers/demonstrators sounds great. Several journalist bloggers like Ed Cone, and founder of Tarheel Bloggers, among many others. Very cool. In January. (via Jeff Jarvis)

  • Doc Searls mentions the always intriguing police log in the Arcata (CA) Eye. Excerpts:
    Tuesday, October 28 10:41 p.m. Replicating the example of our visionary world leaders on a more intimate scale, menfolk battled with sticks in front of an I Street store.
    Thursday, October 30 7:50 p.m. Sunflower again claimed she was assaulted on the Plaza. And again she didn’t stick around for police to deal with it.

    For more entertaining police blotter stories: Bar Harbor Police Beat.

  • FAQs on HIPAA from Radio/TV News Directors.

  • Why Do People Read Newspapers? new study from NAA and ASNE, at AJR. What They Like:
    "Making a newspaper 'easy to read' is the single highest potential area for growing readership," an institute study asserts.
    Surprisingly, the research says, ease "does not center around design or placement of articles." ...readers want such things as "more 'go and do' information in stories," including phone numbers, times, dates, addresses, Web sites and the like.
    Also related to reading ease: more health, home, food, fashion and travel coverage; more stories written in a feature style; and more effective promotion of content in the paper.

    This sounds a lot like what the Miami Herald did this September.

  • Reporting Civil Rights Timeline and stories from the Library of America. About the time, and about the people who reported the stories.


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