Friday, November 14, 2003

Random postings:
After posting the last message, I can't believe I've been doing this only 3 years. It feels like more.

I've been posting more to the Herald blog this week...

Keith at 60:
This Pretty surprising profile of Keith Richards ran in the Spectator, on the occasion of his upcoming 60th birthday. I always knew Keith was a gentleman underneath it all....
"He’s fanatically loyal not only to his mum but also to his various exes, none of whom has a bad word to say about him. He wrote the haunting ballad ‘Ruby Tuesday’ for one former girlfriend, and frequently protests his love for Anita Pallenberg (his partner from 1967 to 1980) in print. Tom Keylock remembers that he snapped at his own wife once while on the phone at Redlands. ‘Keith overheard me and I got a bollocking — it was all about “she’s your lady” and “show some respect”. I admired him for that.’ "

Get ready:
Several good postings recently of links for Election 2004 coverage. Today Poynter's Al Tomkins adds to the list, with Places Political Journalists Should Go.
Gary Price posted his the other day: Election 2004 Resource Compilation #1.
Also worth a look: How campaign coverage will change in 2004 by Steve Outing in E&P.
And, a new campaign contributions site: Fundrace 2004: follow the money in the presidential race. Has candidate rankings on a number of issues/types of contributions, and maps. Very interesting.


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