Saturday, November 08, 2003

Weekend update: The weekly reference collection/research gleanings:

This week's list is longer than usual since it covers two weeks' worth of gleanings (before and after vacation):

I never planned to put a photo of myself on this site, but decided this week that since most other bloggers do, maybe it would be some sort of service to readers...At any rate, the photo on left is the same one that runs on the Herald page over my blog there. Now that you know what I look like, does it make any difference?

Big doings this week at Miami Book Fair International. For an inveterate reader like me, it's strange I've never attended the Book Fair. (I have too many books already.) In past years the Fair has been acclaimed as one of the best. Yesterday a reporter friend took her daughter, just past toddler stage, to the children's book section, they had the best time. It's a wonderful thing.

I added some things to the NewsLiblog yesterday...and also to the Herald Blog (OK, lots there)...

The useful links....

Reference :
  • Military law and legal links from AF Air War College library.
  • Arab culture and civilization new encyclopedic site.
  • The Windfalls of War: Center for Public Integrity report on companies reaping profits on Iraq reconstruction.
  • The Canterbury Tales two original Caxton editions online at British Library in full text.
  • Iraq Timeline from InfoPlease, has Recent crisis in detail.
  • Faces of Valor: List of Iraq dead from Military City, has all dead since March.
  • Places Online from Assoc. of American Geographers, lists useful geographic Web sites by place, worldwide.
  • Online Preservation from the National Trust. Good articles on endangered buildings nationwide.
  • All But Forgotten Oldies look up a song by title, artist, or search, find out what CD it's on. (Covers 1960-1975)
  • Links for upcoming news events: nice compilation from Gary Price.
  • Resources for covering wildfires from NICAR.
  • U.S. Forest Service Fire Mapping Program shows currently active fires, more.
  • Also new on Nexis: Al-Bawaba (in Middle East) from Nov. 2002, Alameda Times-Star (CA) Nov 2001, The Argus (Fremont, CA) Nov '01, Aviation Week's Homeland Security and Defense Feb '02, Connecticut Post (Fairfield co.) Nov '01, Daily Review (Haywood, CA) Nov '01, Eastern Daily Press (eastern UK) 3/03, Oakland Tribune (CA) Nov '01, San Mateo County Times (CA) Nov 01, Tri-Valley Herald (Pleasanton, CA) Nov 01; several Netherlands newspapers, Teesside Evening Gazette (UK), (online only stories from April 2000).
  • a site on media and popular culture theory.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Free government e-mail newsletters: get latest news from various agencies by email.
  • Election 2004 Blog: several contributors adding links to latest news.
  • For more election 2004 links, Journalists' Toolbox: election 2004 has good links.
  • Congressional Directory, 108th Congress
  • Search Engine Tips: Unusual power searching commands from Greg Notess.
  • look up a font by name or by description.
  • new simple search page just gets you to Yahoo! search and searches of maps, people, news, images, etc. There's also a Yahoo! toolbar, similar to the Google toolbar, for downloading. A separate gives you the Yahoo! directory minus ads, etc.
  • Rules, rules and more rules: Detroit Freep's Mike Wendland tells you how to set up Outlook rules to vanquish spam. He says it's eliminated spam from his mailbox.
  • Mooter, new search engine from Australia, compiles results from metasearches and groups it into visual clusters.
  • Mooch: a site that filters out the "best sites". displaying in Flash. UK based.
    Public Records:
  • Indiana criminal history search (limited)
  • has links to available criminal history and offender searches.
  • Why we should fear the Matrix: good analysis of threats from the huge public records database being compiled for law enforcement; from Findlaw.
  • added divorce records in Nevada, property records in some Alabama and Georgia counties, mortgage records in some Arkansas counties.
  • UK Land Register search property records. Covers England and Wales.
  • The Sunday Times Rich List has Britain's richest millionaires by type, region, etc.
  • Sports Agent Index
  • 2003 Global 100: Biggest law firms from American Lawyer.
  • PR Newswire press releases by category, from LA Times. (If this link doesn't work, go to LA Times business page, click on 'press releases' in left-hand column.
  • Florida's Historic Places, lists places by county. About 40 sites in Dade, and 20 in Broward, among them. Photos included.
  • Loophole, Inc. report in St. Pete Times on Florida corporations that don't pay state income tax.
  • New Census migration report: on young single college grads. Most popular area: San Francisco. Miami-Ft. Laud is 14th.
  • Also: Migration by race and hispanic origin: last week's Census report on migration.
  • Global Education Database from USAID.
  • Stats on veterans for veterans' day, from Census.
  • Crime in the U.S., 2002 FBI's Uniform Crime Reports. Includes Index of Crime, stats by state.
  • Trade Stat Express new site from U.S. Commerce Dept with export-import trade stats (national and state).

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • How to save the world: seriously fascinating blog.
  • The Blogging of the President 2004: how the Internet and blogging are going to change politics, by Christopher Lydon.
  • Low Culture.
  • Why journalists should read Weblogs from Jeff Jarvis.
  • Aurora Gallery: photos taken last couple weeks of northern lights in unusual places.
  • This is Broken: This site has posts with photos of bad design and services.
  • Trends in graphics design
  • So you want to move to France? check out France Property and Life.
  • Tallahassee Democrat librarian Deb Galloway and her husband provide nice photos to use as wallpaper; check out the white sand beach photos and beautiful leaves.


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