Friday, November 07, 2003

Internet by air:
Mike Wendland has an interesting piece about a northern Michigan town which offers high speed, wireless Internet access as a utility. This is really encouraging and I can't wait to find out if we'll be able to receive the wireless Internet offered by our local electric co-op in the mountains (depending on whether we're in range of a tower -- probably not yet according to the map).
But at any rate it's amazing to me that even rural areas are starting to get access to this. Another alternative, of course, is the Directway satellite Internet service offered by DirecTV. Depending on whether a dealer in the area installs it, unfortunately...and whether your dish can see the southern sky.....and MUCH more expensive...

At the very least, good news in the local paper there last week announcing wireless service throughout the local public library building...just bring your laptop and sign on. They claim to be the first public library in NC to offer this. Not bad for a library serving a town population of 1600...


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