Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Blogging the news:
This week's Free Trade Area of the Americas talks in Miami have yet to develop any serious problems with protests, but the week's still young. Meanwhile, The Herald's doing a great job of updating the news online.
There's some blogging going on too: however, so far it just seems to be me (but not much) and local blogger Marc Kevin Hall at Hidden City. So far in last few days, Kevin and I have mentioned each other several times each. This blogging thing can get incestuous sometimes.
I've been prowling around looking for any other bloggers covering this but have come up short.

Meanwhile, the first protest to cause much interest, a march which started in Fort Lauderdale and which is reaching downtown Miami just about now, will probably inconvenience a few people -- like me -- who will have to cross Biscayne Boulevard to get home, in the next hour.
We have, though, been enjoying the fashionable vests, helmets and gas masks that any reporter 'embedded' with the local police must sport....


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