Friday, July 18, 2003


A perfect summer photo, from Cornwall. Charles Winpenny seems to be away, and has posted some of his best recent photos on the Cornwallcam site, so maybe that means this photo will stay for a few days, at least...

Meanwhile, in Murphy....
Officer Jeff Postell given an award by NC legislature; story in the Cherokee Scout. Also in the Scout: Postell catches another fugitive (look down the page in Townsend column). Love that small-town news.

Who copyedits blogs?
The perpetual question, and one that there's no answer for, except, that bloggers fact-check/edit each other. Well, here's my contribution: in Poynter's E-Media Tidbits, yesterday's entry on the death of Celia Cruz says she died in Miami. Not so, it was in Fort Lee, NJ, her longtime home. Her body is being flown to Miami today for a viewing but will be returned to New York for burial.

Need a heartwarming story?
How about this one: Love trumps poverty in custody dispute by Carol Marbin Miller in the Miami Herald, about an unemployed mom finally getting to adopt the son she's raised for four years.

Noticed this morning:
Republicans for Dean, brand new blog.

And: more on the Bob Graham NASCAR truck team by Cammy Clark in the Miami Herald. What a story: first major sponsorship by a presidential candidate, first win in its first race with the Graham logo, driven by Jon Wood of the legendary racing Wood family. Cool!


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