Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Another Cuban legend:
Celia Cruz dies , from Miami Herald; from the Sun Sentinel.

Want to publish a book?
Now you can Do it online. CafePress will now take a PDF file you send them (and give you a link to software to convert to PDF), help you design the book online and set a price, and sell it. They take about $4-5 per book, you decide how much more to charge. If you have a Website you can advertise a link to order form.

Iraqi women:
Insecurity driving Iraqi women indoors: new report from Human Rights Watch (story). Text of report.

Involving researchers in investigations:
St. Paul Pioneer Press special investigation finds state politicians (including the governor) were paid fees by a phone company which cheated customers. This giant project involved several reporters and researchers and lots of documents posted to their Intranet. (Note researchers' credit on story.)


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