Thursday, July 17, 2003

Some interesting things today:
  • What's the true number of coalition deaths since end of the Iraq war? This article in E&P points to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, which says 85 have died since May 2, not 33. (They're also counting non-combat deaths.) Is this the database I asked for last week?
  • Slate answers today's burning question: How do you pronounce 'Niger'?
  • Bob Graham's campaign stop in Roanoke featured NASCAR and bluegrass. How can he lose?
  • A new Florida blog: South of the Suwanee, on "Society, history, and politics".
  • LA Blogs covers the Santa Monica market tragedy.
  • Future of online journalism interview with editor of Online Journalism Review Michelle Nicolosi in She says newspapers should embrace blogs.
  • Operation "Air Conditioner" group trying to help troops by sending staples, getting AC. Note Baghdad weather report at bottom of page. Looks like it's working.


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