Saturday, December 14, 2002

The weekly update:
It was a slow week for hard reference links (although some good ones here) but the holiday season is producing lots of fun stuff (at bottom):

  • CDC Factsheet: Smallpox
  • Spices profiles from UCLA library.
  • Know your money from Secret Service, how to identify valid bills.
  • National Health Observances, 2003 find dates of days, weeks, months devoted to promoting health concerns.
  • Holiday Season Facts from Census.
  • AAA daily fuel gauge report daily pump prices national and by market.
  • World Weather Information Service new worldwide official forecasts from UN World Meteorological Assn. Also has climatological data.
  • Cold War archive from UK govt.
  • Census Metropolitan Areas Census data broken down by Metro area, from Mumford Center at U. Albany.
  • America's Most Dangerous and Safest Cities another ranking from Morgan Quitno Press. Most dangerous: St. Louis Post-dispatch story, safest: Amherst NY (Buffalo suburb). Most dangerous in Florida: Tampa 9th; West PB 20th, Miami 21st. (But Miami comes in 2nd after Memphis in Metro areas....)
  • Senate Intelligence Committee final report on 9/11: Conclusions, and Recommendations
  • Congressional Directory has been revised to reflect changes in 107th Congress.
  • Bill of Rights Defense Committee organizing against the Patriot Act....
  • Two new experiments from Google Labs: Google Viewer lets you view the Web pages from your search results in a "slide show" format. Google Webquotes gives you annotated info about a site from other sites.
    Public Records
  • covers property records in New Jersey, Maryland, and two Pennsylvania counties.
  • DC Area property, taxes and sales at
  • Tennessee Felony Offender Lookup from state Dept of Corrections.
    Business, People, News, Florida,Journalism: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Devil's Excrement a weblog from Venezuela, keeping up with events there....
  • BBC: Websites spread al-Qaeda message quotes OutthereNews' Paul Eedle, who's compiled links on militant Islam.
  • FarrellMedia Weblog by former Boston Globe reporter and columnist David Farrell and his brother.
  • The Wi-Fi Boom: special report in NY Times.

  • Powers of 10 watch the image for an amazing tour of outer and inner space.
  • Stewardess Uniforms a Dutch collector has hundreds....
  • Earth as Art great photographs from Landsat.
  • Worldview Desktop this site tells you how to set up your desktop to have views of the globe, satellite images, weather radar, and weathercams at your fingertips.
  • Biz-o-rama the Wall St. Journal launched this promotional website....
  • Aspen Magazine: there were 10 issues. It came in a box.
  • For an English Christmas.....Delia's Christmas recipes and tips from England's star chef Delia Smith.
  • The Letter Project: put in words, any words......


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