Wednesday, December 11, 2002

The secret's out...
South Knox Bubba has the info from the Iraq document release:
News Flash: Iraq comes clean
Iraq has released a 12,000 page document detailing all weapons and weapon development programs in their possession. The report is accompanied by CD ROMs containing 500MB of additional data.
SKB operatives have gotten a first look at the report. Following are some highlights of Iraq's weapons inventory:

- 238 Daisy Red Ryder BB guns
- 487 Whammo Wrist Rocket slingshots with steel pellets
- 82 Jart lawn dart sets
- 23 stink bombs, ammonium sulfide
- 86 packs of Black Cat firecrackers
- 144 packs of Moon Travel bottle rockets
- 429 assorted billy clubs, baseball bats, and big sticks
- 52 sets of brass knuckles
- 3268 assorted rocks, bricks, and chunks of concrete
- 1 H&R .22 revolver, six shot, rusted
- 12 grams of radium scraped from the dials of surplus 1940 era Timex glow-in-the-dark wristwatches
- Plans and diagrams for fuse ignited propane potato launching cannon, also capable of launching assorted stink bombs and smoke clusters

Ari Fleischer announced that President Bush and his national security advisors are reviewing the report to assess the strategic implications of these potential threats and to formulate a response, which could involve a military component.



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