Friday, December 13, 2002

Today's news:
Cardinal Law will dominate, I'm sure (link is to Boston Globe coverage); Yahoo! Full Coverage (news and links)
Comments on the Trent Lott situation, in The Herald: from Leonard Pitts and Jim Morin (who, as usual, has a solution); this story has been slow to build, it seems: the most commentary I found early was in the conservative Weblogs. Yahoo has news and links.
Also in The Herald today: an interview with Haiti's President Aristide.

A nice tip today from Brian Haas, Bradenton Herald reporter, who's used The Internet Archive to find information on a company whose Website had been taken down. Gary Price suggested this site last week, too, for anyone looking up info on the raided Mass. company with possible al-Qaeda ties. It's tempting to think of the Archive (also called The Wayback Machine) as a fun trip down memory lane, but for research on businesses it can be priceless. I'll add it to business reference links. (And, amazingly, they even have several versions of my Website from 2001 archived: this one's from Oct 27 that year. If this is archived I'd expect to find nearly anything you can look up....)


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