Friday, November 08, 2002

Southern Appalachian journalism resource:
Found this site on Bill Dedman's Reporter's Desktop: Fund for Investigative Reporting and Editing (, an organization that helps newspapers in the area with CAR workshops and archiving. So here's the useful part: small newspapers are encouraged to send their important stories to the Fund, where they will be added to the archive. You can go in and search to find stories from small papers that otherwise wouldn't have an archive at all, like the Graham Star and the Black Mountain News. I'd hoped to find stories from the Cherokee Scout, which did an enterprise project last month derived from FOIA-obtained 911 tapes, ambitious for such a small paper. But sadly, none there. There is an investigative story on the Buncombe sheriff's department which ran in Mountain Xpress last month.
A fine idea, and a worthwhile project. A site I'll be checking back on.....


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