Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Election 2002:
Voting seems to be working smoothly in South Florida so far today. It'll be a late night tonite, however it turns out.
For more coverage, Yahoo! Special Coverage: Elections; and Full Coverage: Elections; Google News; Politics1, with Live results links tonight.
On my way.....

(Later) Voting took all of about 5 minutes, including waiting for technicians to recalibrate a couple of the machines. Turns out mine was the one balloting place in Miami-Dade where some people actually had to vote paper ballots for awhile this morning...going pretty smoothly by the time I got there, though....

For a new perspective on elections and voting: Googlevote!. Note, in at least one of these steps, Googlefights, Bill McBride wins over Jeb Bush. (from Scripting News.)

I'm reminded (by Craig's Booknotes)(how could I forget?) that today is Guy Fawkes' Day. I was recently explaining the holiday to someone and suddenly realized how amazing it is that this terrorist has been cause for national celebration for nearly 400 years now, commemorated with bonfires.


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