Saturday, November 02, 2002

The weekly update:
Lots of discussion this week on the Newslib-L listserv about research budgets and how library/research managers handle access to commercial databases in newsrooms.
It's a big concern: torn between budget considerations and questions of legal use of the public records databases, and demands from staffs for access to materials they know they need, news researchers have a big responsibility. It's not getting easier, as availability of so much information over the Internet creates a thirst for more.
A far cry from the days when the job just required making sure stories got clipped and filed correctly.....and a good debate. It's been useful learning how other newsrooms handle the question. (For more on news research: SLA News Division.)

Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Many states let workers take time off to vote. Florida's not included.
  • Submarines of October new declassified briefing from 1962 at National Security Archive.
  • Making a killing: The business of war report from Center for Public Integrity's International Consortium of Investigative Journalists...10-part series.
  • Tony Ridder on his father in E&P.
  • America still unprepared; America still in danger new report from Council of Foreign Relations.

  • from coffee cups...
  • Chief Moose fan club.
  • Ash plume from Mt. Etna from space.

    And the useful links:
  • Original Grimms fairy tales English translation 1884. More of the tales from National Geographic (1914 translation).
  • Calcium; special report from Medline Plus.
  • NY Times travel section now has free archives search back to 1996.
  • The Big Database of Cartoons really need to know plot of an episode of Scooby Doo? Crew list for The Simpsons? It's all here.
  • America's Culinary Heritage exhibit from library at Cornell U.
  • Culinary history timeline. This is companion to The Food Timeline (link at bottom), compiled by Morris County NJ library.
  • Maritime History Administration has listings of historic ships, lighthouses and other landmarks.
  • Knight Ridder newspapers on Nexis:
    The archives of the largest KR papers have been increased. Now the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, Detroit Free Press, and San Jose Mercury News go back to 1994. The Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer, St. Paul Pioneer Press go back to 1995. The Akron Beacon Journal goes back to 1996. (were 2000).
  • Digital archive of the Toronto Globe & Mail from 1844 now available (by subscription) from ProQuest.
  • Newspaper Direct this subscription service started making front pages of international newspapers available after 9/11; you can still see the pages here daily. (note this is broadband connection page; if you're going in via dialup you should choose connection speed here.)
  • Annual Energy Review, 2001 from U.S. Dept of Energy.
  • Fast Facts for Veterans Day interesting stats from U.S. Census.
  • Crime in the U.S., 2001 latest Uniform Crime Reports from FBI.
  • Nations Report Card: Geography "a comprehensive overview
    of the state of geography education in the 4th, 8th, and 12th grades across
    the United States." From Natl Center for Education Statistics.
  • UK Education stats: Statistics of Education Schools in England 2002 Edition; Higher Education Statistics for the United Kingdom 2000/01. From Dept of Education and Skills.
  • Sites for guide to U.S. elections compiled by Gary Price.
  • PriceGrabber: Candidates lets you get lists of candidates for governor or senator and see what they're spending. You can select by many factors, including issues (all candidates for/against gun control, for example....)
  • Haitian embassy in Washington and Haiti links.
  • Researching people on the Internet II 2nd part of article in OJR by Paul Grabowicz: good hints and links on looking up business, campaign contributions, and more.
  • Find links to search for doctors in every state and several countries.
  • ReligionSource experts and sources on religion for journalists, from American Academy of Religion.
  • Goodbye, Atex a fond farewell in the NYTimes' company magazine...
  • Free Answers search help pages for Microsoft, Adobe and Intuit computer software problem solving...
  • Verizon Superpages a new online phone directory that lets you search by last name only, use an asterisk to truncate a name, or search by first initial. There's also a Yellow pages search.
  • this new portal from Excite is powered by Google so has great search and news features, free email (or link to your existing email account on yahoo, hotmail and more), and best of all: no pop-ups or banner ads!
    Public Records, Florida, Business: No links this week.


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