Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good news, investigations and archives, and watching for racism

It's really good news to see ProPublica go live. It's the new independent investigative reporting site started by former Wall St. Journal editor Paul Steiger, and has been eagerly anticipated.
In just a few minutes of looking around I'm impressed with the twice-daily Breaking on the Web update links to new investigative stories, a good place to get caught up on the news. I found links here to a couple interesting stories I didn't seen scrolling several other news sites. The original postings look interesting too. Editor and Publisher has more.

And for really Goodnews, check out this "Google News" page.
Click on any story and get the explanation of why this exists. But just browsing this fake Google News page will make you smile. It's the news of the world as it should be.

Think there's no racism in this presidential race? Jeff Fecke at Shakesville is collecting attacks and subtle digs on Obama.
Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof comments.

Also on this topic, from Eye on Miami: For President, reject the haters
So here is the deal: in the last presidential election it was the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. This time, it will be race.

Lots of links to blog/news postings on this topic on Memeorandum.

Also: from the Associated Press, Obama site confronts rumors.

Via Man or Maniac, I'm Voting Republican. Just watch the video.

Back on the topic of investigative journalism, there's a new blog in Miami that some will find interesting, Investigation Miami. It joins Eye on Miami (and lately, several other -- normally non-political -- South Florida blogs; this must be a trend) in keeping an eye on local government and politician wrongdoing.

Herald Watch has been on a roll, lately, finding lots to say about how the Miami Herald is doing. Recently there's a fascinating discussion on whether the Herald should give its archived articles away for free. This has attracted lots of comments (some not all useful) and a followup, so go back to the main page for more.

Thanks to South Florida Daily Blog for some of these links.

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