Monday, June 09, 2008

Old news

Yesterday, Dave Winer raised an interesting point about the story of John McCain's first marriage in the Daily Mail. Why isn't this getting any attention in U.S. media? Why is this different from the story on Jeremiah Wright?
One commenter says the story was pretty much covered in McCain's race against Bush. But....we have such short memories...

(Added later:) On another note, apparently the conservative blogosphere is abuzz with news that some commenters on Barack Obama's website have expressed non-PC opinions. Hmm. Some bloggers have been quick to take a look at McCain's, and find some disturbing things there, too, expressed by visitors and never taken down. In Salon's War Room, Alex Koppelmann reports: Breaking news: There are crazy people on the Internet. Oh yeah. Says Koppelman:
A warning to all future Democratic presidential candidates: If you choose to run part of your Web site in a model similar to, say, DailyKos, and allow the general public posting privileges, some crazy people who clearly have nothing to do with your campaign will take advantage of the policy. And then bloggers on the right, though they're well aware of how these things work, will pretend that these crazy people are actually representative of your campaign.



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