Monday, April 07, 2008

Research links of the week

Sometimes a random link stirs up an interesting memory and connections, like this one found on Resourceshelf: Terremark to host Library of Congress Web site.

Manny Medina's Terremark company started out in Miami, in the building across Bayshore Boulevard from Monty Trainer's restaurant. In the late '80s there was a lot of interest when he bought Monty's. It was about the time the old Merrill Stevens boatyard was up for grabs to be developed into a boating/shopping destination, fears that Terremark would be involved ended up sinking one company's bid. (Via Google Earth, I see the old boatyard shop building is now a Fresh Market. Big change from when it was full of pigeons, cats, carpenters and mechanics....our 19-yr-old cat was rescued from there.)

Terremark went on to build the NAP of the Americas, an internet backbone access point in downtown Miami, then moved on to Culpeper, Virginia. Now they're going to house the Library of Congress' web site. How things change.

Last week's research links:

  • Bibliography: Private Military Companies compiled by Air University Library. Includes Web sites.
  • Greenfile: free search from EBSCOHost of environmental articles. Citations only to most articles but some fulltext available.

  • Statistics -- Age and Aging Great compilation by Resourceshelf's Shirl Kennedy.
  • U.S. Counties: data files for download from Census.

  • New sources for company information, by Paula Hane at ITI Newslink. How to use LinkedIn and other resources for company info and links to some new databases I hadn't heard of, like Business Week's Company Insight (search in right hand column).
  • EMMA: Electronic Municipal Market Access get official statement and trade prices for bonds, notes or other municipal securities.
  • Northern Light Business Search in Beta.

    Public Records:
  • Public Notice Ads: a new service is making these legal notice newspaper ads not usually archived on papers' websites, available online. Several states now available.

  • The Interactive Vietnam Wall from Footnote. Search an image of the entire Wall.
  • Whos Who Gallery from Marquis, features art from artists listed in Who's Who in American Art.


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