Sunday, March 30, 2008

Research links of the week

Back when I was doing a newsroom Intranet I posted dozens of links every week, since I was collecting everything I thought someone on the newsroom staff might be interested in; I whittled them down for the public blog but it was still always a long weekly list.
Now, the numbers of links have gone way down. I blog things I find interesting during the week, and usually save the pure research links for the weekend updates. But there don't seem to be as many of them lately: this is what I've noted during the last two weeks. They're good ones, though:

  • Quick Guide to Military Information, great list of links from Shirl Kennedy at Resourceshelf.
  • NAFTA Regional Database from
  • The Phrase Finder, including meanings and origins of over 1200 phrases and lots of forum postings on them.
  • PreCyDent, Open Law Source. Search decisions, statutes...
  • Congressional Tutorials from library at UC Berkeley, guides to research.
  • SearchMedica, a professional medical search; recently enlarged.
  • Mother Earth News' Seed and Plant Finder.
  • Research and Subject Guides from library at U. Colorado, great links to library subject compilations, like these on Religious Studies.
  • Opera Glass: libretti, synopses, composer bios, etc.



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