Monday, March 24, 2008

Thinking more about race and the campaign

Over the last week, Dave Winer has been mulling over the Obama speech and the race question. This weekend, seeing a longer video of the speech by Rev. Wright, he had a revelation: Give Rev Wright a chance to convince you. Winer:
This is a must-watch video. Stop what you're doing, right now, and watch it.
I found myself captivated by Wright's ideas and the way he expresses them.
I agree with everything he said.

From the other side of the political spectrum, a similar decision by Andrew Sullivan: Wright in Context:
...I do see the roots of this message in a version of liberation theology and Christianity, rather than hatred of America as such. He includes himself as someone who needs to examine his own conscience and consider what he regards as a cycle of violence. I think the cable news clips are a little distortive and make more sense in fuller context.

Over at Huffington Post, Linda Milazzo reports on a discussion on CNN where three pundits, David Gergen, Carl Bernstein, and Roland Martin, 'got' the media manipulation on the Obama speech and the race question: Truth on CNN! Pundits Defend Obama, Anderson Cooper Is Perplexed (As Usual).



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