Monday, March 17, 2008

Old newspapers: LoC adds more, and magazine archives

The Library of Congress has been digitizing old newspapers at Chronicling America for a couple of years and announces several states have been added to the database. Several are from Florida. States included now: California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Utah and Virginia. There are 61 newspapers represented, covering years from 1897-1910 mostly.

Oh, if this had been around a few years ago! I tried searching the Florida papers for Frank Stoneman, who founded a newspaper in Orlando then moved it to Miami where it would become the Miami Herald in 1910. Frank Stoneman was the father of Marjory Stoneman Douglas and edited the Herald until his death in 1941. Of several stories found, here's a wonderful quote from one from the Gainesville Star, about Stoneman's political aspirations:
We are not personally acquainted with Mr. Stoneman, but we are quite sure that he is a Democratic nominee for state elector, and that the soreheads that would like to get his place will not have it.

(Something else I found: the Poynter has put David Shedden's landmark book, A Chronology of Florida Newspapers, online, all 109 pages. Worth a bookmark or download if you are interested in newspaper history.)

On a similar note, here's a New York Times story about all the magazine archives that are becoming available online. Time's stories have been available for awhile now. But you can also get old stories from Sports Illustrated, and soon, more Newsweek stories. The archives are opening! Dusting Off the Archive for the Web.

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