Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The sprawl continues

Critical Miami reminds us (with a very nice photo) that it is the 60th Anniversary of Everglades National Park. And that the Miami-Dade commission has celebrated it by voting to ignore the Urban Development Boundary which has kept growth (to a point) away from the Everglades, at least from the Everglades which hadn't already been developed in the '40s and '50s and '60s. (Miami Herald editorial. Sun-Sentinel anniversary story. The Herald had one too but I can't find it online.)

According to a comment on the Critical Miami posting, Miami-Dade's mayor vetoed the latest proposals. Just a delay on the inevitable sprawl, I fear. Miami Dade County will look like western Broward County, soon.

In other sprawl news, from Georgia, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported this weekend about proposals to pipe water to Atlanta from the Tennessee River to relieve future water shortages. At least the story addresses what people in the Tennessee Valley might think about such an idea (my emphasis):
Perhaps the biggest challenge would be convincing Tennesseans and others who depend upon the river that sprawl-at-all-costs Atlanta is worthy of the precious resource.
"There'd be a great public outcry," said Littlefield, Chattanooga's mayor, who was born in LaGrange. "Atlanta is the 800-pound gorilla in the Southeast — I say that kindly — so people would want to see a lot of very careful planning on Atlanta's part. They don't want Atlanta to have unlimited water and just keep expanding."

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