Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More good hints on finding people.

More and more the knowledge that news researchers and reporters have on backgrounding people online is becoming a skill that everyone wants to know.

Note this column over at Depth Reporting, where via Mark Schaver has lots of good hints on how to track people. He mentions this Lifehacker tutorial on finding people online, tells you how to find people finders on his Useful Web Sites for Reporters list, and tries a new Firefox extension that searches people finders (Who is this Person). Here's another great Lifehacker column on How to find Public Records Online.

(The Firefox extension, in particular, is really interesting, but I think it's the same one I installed a couple months back. I ended up deleting it because it took up too much real estate at the top of my browser. I'm not backgrounding as often as I used to, but if I were it would have stayed.)

Although Mark's website is geared towards journalists, the Lifehacker posts are meant as tools for everyone. It's just another example of how journalists are finding their once closely guarded skills are becoming mainstream, these days.

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  • Liz, I installed this extension. I wasn't sure where to find it after it was installed. If you hightlight a name on a web page and right click, there is a new option - Who is this person-> and it gives you about 10 or so places to search. Wink, Yahoo, Google, etc. I didn't see any way to make this a toolbar, maybe it's changed.

    By Anonymous Brian D, at 5:15 PM  

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