Friday, November 16, 2007

No lack of recipes for this holiday

Sheila Lennon has collected links to Thanksgiving recipes in newspaper food pages this week. What a wealth of wonderful recipes! Some of the best are in Lennon's Providence Journal. Today she's added links to more papers, including the Miami Herald, which has again my favorite Cuban Roast Turkey recipe, from Linda Cicero. Been making this one, with variations (sin bacon), since about 1987, when Linda first perfected it (along with Ana Veciana). I do mine on a Weber charcoal kettle, outdoors. Rain or snow.

Need more? There are thousands of recipe sites, and places like Tara Calishain's Cookin' with Google to search for them, or just try one of the all-in-one recipe sites like's

The newspaper recipes, though, are fascinating just to compare cities by their food choices. Miami's, of course, tend to Caribbean flavors. Los Angeles' are gourmet fancy (cipollini, chanterelle, cognac); in Duluth, though, the emphasis is on 'super sides', from baked 'bagas to lots of sweet potatos.


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