Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend update: More research links

(My Internet connection has been terrible for a week or so and seems to be getting worse. Although I sent this post to Blogger more than an hour ago it doesn't seem to have registered. Trying again.)
I posted a couple of these earlier, but just for the record, along with other good things found in last week or so:

  • Great posting on online fulltext book collections with great links, from Resourceshelf.
  • links to great mp3s from the Internet Archive's live music recording archive, along with occasional links to other folk music sites.
  • Global Compendium of Weeds
  • Brijit summarizes magazine articles from over 100 titles. (And some newspapers.)

  • Finding old Web pages, a guide from Search Engine Showdown.
  • Veropedia, online encyclopedia containing only verified articles from Wikipedia.

  • Archive-it California Wildfires archive, searchable collection of websites with 2007 fire info.

    Public Records:
  • WikiFOIA, 'The wiki for helping people understand and use the Freedom of Information Act at the state and local level.'
  • Virginia Circuit Court case information, by county.
  • Roanoke Times (VA): Datasphere local interest databases and public records like courts, lobbyists, medical professional discipline.
  • Rochester, NY Democrat & Chronicle: RocDocs. Mostly local interest databases but includes a few public records on crime, statewide and local real estate and school databases.


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