Friday, October 12, 2007

Some sense on healthcare Swiftboating

Here are two who hit the nail on the head:

From Hale Stewart at Huffington Post, The Frosts Demonstrate Why We Need Single Payer Health Care. care is not an area where the profit motive should dominate decision making. Simply put, the end product is a patient's health. Private health insurance has a conflict of interest between the insurance company and the insured which will be resolved in favor of the insurance company a majority of the time.
...Health care costs are killing American business. Our international competitors don't have to deal with these costs. As a result, private health care is making US business less competitive.
So, public health eliminates a conflict of interest that compromises individual health, is cheaper and makes the US more competitive. And we don't have a public health system because?

From Digby at Hullaballoo, What, Me Worry?
Insurance companies only want to cover young, healthy or rich people. And even if you manage to pay the expensive premiums with huge deductibles, they will try to find a way to avoid paying for your care anyway. That's the way it works.

I'm glad to see the push to get children's health covered. But children are the least of our worries. It's the older ones who worry me, who are trying to get by till Medicare and who are the most likely to need expensive tests, prescription medication, or who get a catastrophic disease or injury that's not or little covered by the insurance they can afford.

Amazingly, even Michelle Malkin once worried about that: Sadly, No, found a three-year old posting where she worries about health care coverage too.....

We're all just a hair away from being in the same boat.

From Digby:
They got theirs and are now railing against the "choices" made by two working parents who make 45,000 a year. But I think she and her stalker squad are going to be surprised to find that most people don't see things their way --- this smug judgmentalism and rank callousness is not the American way.



  • Liz, you run an informative blog when it comes to news/research librarianship, but your liberal political "commentary" leaves much to be desired. It's as if every story you link to is gospel truth if it promotes a contemporary liberal political agemda, and any questioning the presuppositions and assertions contained therein are to be rejected on its face. You never substantively engage opposing viewpoints, and your support of "single payer" healthcare is just one instance of this.

    You could have linked to this piece, one which is far more convincing- The End of Socialized Medicine which actually shows that countries which actually have socialized medicine show that the overall quality of care for people trapped within its system is demonstrably worse.

    Show some researcher creds, and prove with facts how your socialized medicine "single payer" system outperforms systems which are not.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:39 PM  

  • No, Anonymous - it's your "conservative bias" that is clearly showing. Very neat the way you managed to slip in the key conservative buzzwords "socialized medicine" not once but twice. We should all be afraid of such things, clearly.

    I don't know when an issue like affordable access to health care became a liberal vs. conservative issue. Isn't more of an issue of profit vs. public? Do conservatives also oppose socialized services such as police, fire, libraries...? Well why not - after all - isn't there some money to be made here? In the meantime, I guess we'll just tune in Fox News and see how the war for profit is going today....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:04 PM  

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