Thursday, October 11, 2007

Journalists and databases

If you read this blog, you probably read some of the other journalism blogs I'm about to point to, but for those who are less keyed in to online journalism, this is worth noting. Especially you news librarians and news researchers. Many of us have tried to move newsroom database functions into the library/research departments. Some have succeeded, some haven't. It's still a legitimate discussion to have.

Derek Willis moved many years ago from news researcher to reporter to database reporter to online database creator, and his blog has always been one of the first on my list of important reads. On the Innovation in College Media site, Derek is interviewed about online database applications: ICM Interview: Derek Willis,
The use of data is an arms race, and journalists cannot dismiss it as “that techie stuff” anymore. So on every beat, find out how data is being used and try to replicate what you can in terms of being able to use it yourself.

Mindy McAdams at Teaching Online Journalism reacts to Derek's interview, (What Journalists Should Know about Databases). Also on this topic, Doug Fisher at Commonsense Journalism discusses some of Derek's latest thinking ( Caspio dustup).

Thanks to Mark Schaver for the links.

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