Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weekend update: More research links from the week

A few good things this week despite a lack of much to blog last few days, and Blogger problems making it hard to post anything. The fall color photos on the Highlands Cam photo blog have slackened, too, due to wind, rain and fading colors, although it's looking good out here today: maybe I'll get some more.

The links:

  • Hurricane Katrina victims database being compiled at the Earth Institute, Columbia U.

  • Sectarian Violence: Radical Groups Drive Internal Displacement in Iraq, Brooking study based on reports from researchers in Iraq.
  • Finding Exurbia: America's Fast-Growing Communities at the Metropolitan Fringe, Brookings study.

  • Statistical Yearbook of the EU, 2006 165-page PDF.
  • Form EIA-906 and EIA-920 Databases from Energy Information Administration. Downloadable stats include: monthly and annual data on generation and fuel consumption at the power plant and prime mover level. Data for utility plants is available from 1970, and for non-utility plants from 1999.
  • State and Metropolitan Area Data Book, from Census, has been updated for 2006.

    Governments, Politics:
  • National Leadership Index, 2006, from Kennedy School of Government. The only types of leadership in which Americans have more than a moderate amount of confidence are military and medical leadership. Confidence in the leadership of five sectors—education, religion, business, Congress, and the executive branch—has declined since 2005. (The Press, lowest of the top sectors, had no change.)
  • Who Votes, Who Doesn't, and Why, report from Pew Research Center for People and the Press.

  • New Media Bibliography, includes web sites and books, compiled by the Poynter's David Shedden.

  • Easy Publishing Tools for Online Journalists from Online Journalism Review. Reviews of blogging tools, photo sites, lots more.

    Public Records:
  • Legal Dockets Blog has news of changes/additions to court public records online. News here this month: Palm Beach County, Fl has finally put criminal/traffic records online; and all Florida federal courts online are now available in CM/ECF format. A recent entry listed improvements to the NY State court records, too. (Via TVC Alert). Note is also a directory of courts online, by subscription.


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