Thursday, October 19, 2006

Commentary on women

There's been a lot of talk on Bob Herbert's column in the New York Times about the Amish murders and why girls were targeted (as they were in another school violence case in Colorado). Eat the Press has a good summary of the question, along with links to other discussion. (Herbert asks, if killers had walked into schools and targeted blacks, asians, homosexuals, we would all be outraged. Why isn't there more discussion of this? The original column was behind the Times Select subscription wall.)
(Added later:) More on this, including a long excerpt from Herbert's column, on the Our Bodies, Ourselves blog, where this subject was first mentioned a couple weeks ago.

Also in Eat the Press, a two-for-one day, a posting on Bill O'Reilly's comments on abortion. O'Reilly, an expert on women's reproductive health, apparently, says there should never be a medical need for abortion because 'you can always have a c-section'. Wonderful. 'Eat' links to other blogs commenting on this, including one that carefully explains why certain dangerous medical conditions, like ectopic pregnancies, require abortion to save the mother's life.


  • Why does something this horrific need to be classified? How can we possibly think there's a rational explanation as to why someone would do such an irrational thing, much less think that there is meaning - or greater or lesser importance - in their gender?

    These were human beings who were slain, plain and simple. Isn't that enough?

    By Anonymous Jeff, at 9:04 PM  

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