Thursday, March 03, 2005

History in Paradise
I missed this in the Miami Herald Sunday, so thanks to Tara Calashain for highlighting it in ResearchBuzz: Mile Markers is an interactive (Flash) collection of hundreds of historical photos put together by the Monroe County Library. Wonderful stuff. You can take a 'Road Trip' down the Keys, or search for photos. Also linked here: the Gazetteer of Keys names that the library put online a year or so back. The Herald story has wonderful stories of how the photos are used:
    "The level of discernible detail in some of the pictures, once they are blown up, is extraordinary. A website feature allows users to magnify the images to such a degree that it is possible in some to make out the names of the Miami horses on which Key West gamblers were placing their money on a balmy, 1940s afternoon.
    ...'My students were most fascinated with what we are calling The Dead Fish pictures,'' said Lynne Bentley-Kemp...
    'So many of them have lived down here so long and have been connected with the fishing industry. They have their own fish stories, and it kind of interweaves the whole history of the place with the present,' she said."


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