Sunday, February 27, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
This week started out with the death of Hunter S. Thompson and didn't improve: Lots of useful reference sources but not much else showed up this week.
Reading Thompson was so important to me and to many of my generation. Some of us may have been conflicted about some of his habits, but the writing always rang true to me. Last night I ran across a 2003 interview with Tim Russert. I was shocked how much he seemed to have deteriorated, even then. I guess it was time to go. A couple links below; I had a few more links on the other blog during the week.

More links....

  • International Architecture Database has info on 13,000 projects.
  • Great baseball history links from Shirl Kennedy at Resourceshelf.
  • Documents on Social Security and Pensions from the Congressional Budget Office. Studies, reports, etc. going back to 1978.
  • African American History Timeline from a history prof at Washington U.
  • will be a place lay persons can get medical info including journal articles, etc... Not yet online (due this spring) but you can sign up for more info.
  • Conflict termination in the Iraqi war 2003: a bibliography from library at Air University.
  • Birds of North America a new guide from Percevia which lets you search by lots of characteristics.
  • Foreign Born Population: latest figures from Census.
  • How to use RSS to follow your beat; detailed instructions (using My Yahoo!, one of the easiest RSS readers) from Mark Schaver at CAR Report. (Note Neil Reisner's ditty on the side.)
  • Gender Stats from World Bank.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Tom Wolfe manages to mention Carl Hiaasen (and the Rock Bottom Remainders) in his eulogy to Hunter S. Thompson in the WSJ's Opinion Journal. Also check out Joel Achenbach's story of a visit to HST.


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