Saturday, August 14, 2004

Blogging the storm:
I'm posting these on my Herald blog, but for those who don't want to register, here are some of the blogs covering Hurricane Charley I've found so far:
A meteorologist for the Internet weather service Weatherbug blogged from Fort Myers, but with power and cellphone outages is looking for a place to post from, and to upload photos. He had photos leading up to the storm.
Hatcher's Hack, from Sarasota, is also writing on the storm.
Andiamo, log of a ship in Key West right now, has photos from the storm. is also blogging the latest news from Tampa.
Florida Blog has found some people blogging from the storm too.
BBC News is getting direct reports from people in the path of the storm.
The St. Petersburg Times's President has an online hurricane journal.
Candie in Lehigh Acres blogs about the storm, and her father is posting photos and video at The Goodyear family blog.
Stories from the storm are being collected by the St. Petersburg Times here and here. They're also collecting Readers' photos.
Orlando Sentinel storm blog.


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